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Vanilla industry : 45 USD to become an exporter

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Vanilla industry : 45 USD to become an exporter

Setting up a vanilla export business in Madagascar

Madagascar, a leading global producer and exporter of this prized spice is renowned as the Vanilla Island. In April alone, the country exported over 1,550 tons of vanilla.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MIC), establishing a vanilla export business in Madagascar requires an initial investment of approximately 200,000 MGA (45 USD). Initially, acquiring the status demands a minimum investment of 10,000 MGA, representing 0.5 % of the share capital. Subsequently, the contract duration fee amounts to 2 %, with a minimum of 10,000 MGA, in addition to fees for minutes and a power of attorney, totaling 2,000 MGA.

Following this, there is an advance payment of the synthetic tax, totaling 16,000 MGA, applicable to farmers, breeders, fishermen, small-scale miners, and non-motorized vehicle transporters. It’s essential to calculate the income tax advance payment, set at 100,000 MGA for individuals involved in taxable agricultural, artisanal, or industrial activities.

Lastly, there are two categories of registration fees : registration in the trade register, priced at 16,000 MGA, and obtaining the statistical card, priced at 40,000 MGA.

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