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Pink Berries of Madagascar : Launch of the 2024 campaign

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Pink Berries of Madagascar : Launch of the 2024 campaign

Initiatives to develop this strategic sector

The campaign for the collection, exportation, and sale of pink peppercorns kicks off in the municipality of Mandiso, located in the Anôsy region, for the year 2024.

Mandiso stands out as a key production center for pink peppercorns. It ranks as the second-largest exporter and producer of this prized spice globally. The municipality ships around 300 tons annually to Europe, which constitutes 90 % of its production. Industry stakeholders report that the price of a kilogram of pink peppercorns exceeds 200,000 ariary, equivalent to 45 USD.

In collaboration with various financial and technical partners, the Anôsy region is implementing several initiatives to support and enhance this sector. Three months ago, the region’s Governor convened a roundtable with diverse industry stakeholders to solicit recommendations.

As part of these efforts, a 3 km dirt road connecting the village of Volazato to the municipal capital has been rehabilitated. This infrastructure greatly facilitates the transportation of people and goods within this commercial region. The objective of these initiatives is to strengthen the pink peppercorn value chain, ensuring sustainable growth and contributing to the economic development of the Anosy region.

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