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Mauritius : Ingenia produces locally manufactured biofertilizers

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Mauritius : Ingenia produces locally manufactured biofertilizers

Supplying ecological solutions in various sectors

Ingenia aims to achieve 50 % organic production by 2026. The group is demonstrating its firm commitment to environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

The Group’s efforts are not limited to a single sector. They extend to all business segments; this includes sectors in which green chemistry and the development of healthier products and technologies are promoted.

Ingenia offers a range of locally manufactured biofertilizers. These products contribute to regenerative agriculture that requires fewer raw materials. Ingenia is also continuously engaged in research to improve the quality of its products and develop ever more innovative solutions.

The firm supplies Mauritian farmers with the possibility of « Supply & Apply ». This ensures that the application of products is as precise as possible, taking into account the specificities of the farm and avoiding any risk of waste and overuse.

Time management

Ingenia’s biofertilizers are distinguished by several factors, including local production, a sign of Ingenia’s commitment to local economic development. As the products are manufactured in Mauritius, transaction costs are reduced, thus considerably reducing the company’s carbon footprint. Indeed, Ingenia favors the use of bacterial strains already present on the island.

Use of new technologies

Ingenia’s aim is to ensure that the composition of each product is tailored to the specific needs of its customers. The firm uses intelligent options such as irrigation systems or temperature control.

The use of new technologies offers tangible benefits, such as:

  • Optimization of resources
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Innovation development
  • Reduced health risks

« This approach contributes significantly to the realization of sustainable agricultural practices and the company’s sustainability in the context of a constantly evolving agricultural sector », explain Yannis Fayd’herbe, Managing Director of Ingenia, and Nicolas Langlois, General Manager of Suchem.

Ingenia has a 45-year history in the agricultural sector in Mauritius, the Indian Ocean region, and Africa. In 2021, Ingenia has published sales of 1.2 billion Rs, equivalent to around 27,195,000 USD.

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