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Lychee campaign launched in Madagascar

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Lychee campaign launched in Madagascar

Malagasy Lychee: A Tropical Treasure with Exquisite Flavors

The eagerly awaited Malagasy lychee harvest season is set to commence. the official dates were announced by the Horticultural Technical Centre of Tamatave ranging from November 21 to 23.

Official Harvest Dates

The Malagasy lychee season, a time highly anticipated by farmers and enthusiasts of this delicious fruit, is officially scheduled to begin from November 21 to 23, according to the Horticultural Technical Centre of Tamatave. These dates have been determined through studies conducted in the north-eastern region of the island.

Challenges and Prospects

However, it is noteworthy that this year’s harvest is expected to be lower in both quantity and quality compared to the previous year. Various factors, including poor fruit development, water stress, abnormal weather conditions, and significantly low rainfall, contribute to this decline.

Given the economic significance of the Malagasy lychee industry, both domestically and internationally, stakeholders, including farmers and exporters, closely monitor weather conditions and crop forecasts. The fruit is not only highly valued in the local market but is also a crucial source of income for Madagascar through exports.

The current situation underscores the necessity for efficient management, particularly in addressing challenges posed by weather conditions. The success of the lychee season is pivotal for Madagascar’s agricultural industry, and efforts should be directed towards ensuring a smooth operation for the benefit of all involved.

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