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Agricultural cooperation between Seychelles and Egypt

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Agricultural cooperation between Seychelles and Egypt

Inspired by the Egyptian agricultural model

The Egyptian Ambassador to Seychelles, Wael M. Nasr El-Din M. Attiya, paid a courtesy call on the Minister of Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment, Flavien Joubert.

Discussions centered on potential cooperation between the two countries in the areas of effective agricultural studies and research, as well as climate change management. The conversation focused on the considerable benefit that Seychelles could derive from well-established Egyptian institutions, including the Agricultural Research Center, the National Research Center, the National Water Research Center, the Council for Food and Agriculture, and the University of Agricultural Facilities.

These institutions, renowned for their expertise in various aspects of agriculture, will provide significant support to Seychelles in its quest to improve crop and livestock development. Seychelles has 6,000 ha of land suitable for agriculture (out of a total area of 45,000 ha), of which 600 ha are cultivated.

Working together to address agricultural challenges

The parties also expressed their intention to establish a financing mechanism, similar to the Agricultural Bank of Egypt, to specifically address the needs and interests of the local farming community.

Delegates recognized the common challenges posed by climate change and water scarcity, which are particularly relevant in Egypt and the Seychelles. In light of this, they agreed to explore joint efforts to invest in climate-smart agriculture. Egypt’s expertise in managing limited water resources should be shared to enable Seychelles to effectively address similar challenges.

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