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Expatriation guide in Africa : Benefits of Senegal

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Expatriation guide in Africa : Benefits of Senegal

Senegal, located in West Africa, is increasingly attracting expatriates due to its numerous advantages. From ease of communication to quality of life, this guide explores why Senegal is an ideal destination for expatriation in Africa.

Ease of communication : Major advantage for expatriation in Africa

The French language is widely used in Senegal, facilitating the integration of French-speaking expatriates. In this country, the majority of residents speak French, in addition to local dialects such as Wolof, Pulaar, and Serer. This linguistic prevalence allows expatriates to more easily complete administrative procedures, integrate socially, and navigate daily life without language barriers.

The advantages for French speakers are numerous:

  • Simplified administrative procedures : opening a bank account, renting a home, or enrolling children in school is done in French.
  • Access to education : expatriate children can continue their schooling in French, easing their transition.
  • Social interactions : communicating in French allows for quick relationship-building and participation in community activities.
  • Daily life : shopping, medical appointments, and cultural events are conducted with ease thanks to the common language.

Cost of living and purchasing power

The cost of living in Senegal is relatively affordable, especially compared to major European cities. In Dakar, the rent for an apartment in a residential area ranges from 300 to 800 USD per month. Daily expenses, such as food and services, are also reasonable.

Economic opportunities are varied: for employees, although salaries are generally low (around 300 USD per month), the cost of living allows for a comfortable standard of living. For entrepreneurs, Senegal offers a dynamic entrepreneurial environment with incentives for investors. Starting a business is a viable option due to relatively low startup and management costs.

Geographic proximity to Europe

Senegal’s geographical position is another significant advantage for expatriates. Located about 5 to 6 hours by flight from Paris, this country offers quick and relatively affordable access to Europe. Blaise Diagne International Airport in Dakar provides numerous direct flights to Paris, Brussels, and other major European cities, with competitive fares, especially if tickets are booked in advance.

This geographic proximity offers several benefits:

  • Ease of travel : for family, professional, or administrative reasons, it is easy to travel frequently between Europe and Senegal.
  • Maintaining connections : expatriates can maintain close ties with their home country through regular and inexpensive travel.
  • Travel flexibility : ease of travel offers more flexibility to expatriates with commitments in Europe.

Educational system

Education in Senegal is a strong point for expatriate families. The educational system is well developed, with various options for children. Public education is free and compulsory for children aged 6 to 16, although public schools can face challenges such as overcrowded classrooms.

Private education offers better teaching quality with superior infrastructure and rigorous academic programs. Institutions like the International School of Dakar offer curricula based on American, British, or French educational systems, ensuring quality education.

Healthcare system

The quality of healthcare is a crucial criterion for expatriates. Senegal has an improving public healthcare system, particularly in major cities like Dakar. However, private clinics offer high-quality care with modern equipment and well-trained staff. Expatriates are encouraged to take out international health insurance to access the best medical facilities.


Senegal is considered one of the most stable and safe countries in West Africa. Political stability and a relatively low crime rate contribute to a secure environment for residents and expatriates. Major cities like Dakar offer a safe environment, although basic precautions are recommended.

Senegal offers numerous advantages for successful expatriation in Africa. From ease of communication to quality of life to geographic proximity to Europe, this country is a top choice for French-speaking expatriates. The educational and healthcare systems, as well as safety and citizenship options, further enhance Senegal’s appeal as a place for expatriation.

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