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Top budget : New brand on Kibo Cash & Carry Madagascar!

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Top budget : New brand on Kibo Cash & Carry Madagascar!

Doing groceries is an unavoidable part of everyday life. In this regard, due to budget constraints, many people are trading off prices.

Partnership to keep consumers happy

The continuous pursuit of savings remains a pressing concern for numerous consumers across the Indian Ocean, notably in Madagascar. Addressing these escalating demands, KIBO has selected Intermarché as its partner and supplier. KIBO aims to deliver premium-quality products while upholding the purchasing power of Madagascan consumers. Central to this collaboration is Top Budget, Intermarché’s budget-friendly brand.

By adhering to its commercial strategy, Top Budget caters to consumers seeking a blend of quality and affordability.

Two key aspects are highlighted in particular :

  • The history and identity of the Top Budget brand
  • The partnership between Kibo and Intermarché

Top Budget : History and identity

Top Budget is a French brand specializing in the production of both food and non-food items. Established in 2003 by Intermarché, its mission is straightforward : to make quality accessible to all, regardless of their budget. Over the years, Top Budget has evolved into Intermarché’s leading value brand.

In a dynamic environment where consumer expectations are constantly changing and purchasing power holds paramount importance, Intermarché embarked on a brand identity redefinition in 2020. This revamp is anchored on various pillars, including enhancing the product range, refining certain recipes, and revamping the logo and packaging.

As a result, the top budget brand has created an identity based on three fundamental pillars :

  • Wide choice of products, at low prices for maximum satisfaction

In its catalogue, Top Budget presents an extensive array of food and non-food items, catering to various everyday requirements. This assortment encompasses sweet and savory groceries, household essentials, beauty and hygiene products, and beyond. And in terms of pricing, Top Budget delivers unbeatable value that’s hard to match!

  • Ever healthier, top-quality products

Top Budget is firmly committed to offering consumers increasingly healthy, high-quality products. To achieve this goal, the brand has reduced the presence of additives in its food recipes, promoting healthy eating for children and adults alike. This same rigor extends to non-food products, where stringent quality standards are applied to meet the most demanding quality requirements.

  • Transparent, attractive visual identity

Top Budget’s packaging is meticulously crafted to embody its quality-driven identity. Sporting a sleek, contemporary, and appealing design, the packaging ensures a concise display of all pertinent product details. Emphasizing transparency, the packaging offers comprehensive nutritional information and highlights the origins of ingredients. This transparent approach serves to bolster the quality and genuineness of Top Budget products.

In essence, Top Budget transcends being merely a brand synonymous with affordability and savings; it emerges as a steadfast assurance of quality, authenticity, and transparency for consumers.

Kibo Cash & Carry joins forces with Intermarché’s Top Budget brand

Kibo Cash & Carry, which opened in 2021, is positioned as Madagascar’s leading wholesale and self-service retailer, offering a variety of food and non-food products. Its main objective is to become the most economical shopping destination while offering quality items. This mission is continually demonstrated through its choice of renowned local and international suppliers and brands, at excellent value for money.

To bolster this commitment, Kibo recently partnered with Intermarché. Aligned in their vision, both entities are dedicated to providing affordable products accessible to all, without sacrificing excellence. Intermarché’s TOP Budget brand, renowned for its quality offerings at competitive prices, epitomizes this shared mission. Through this collaboration, Kibo Madagascar further solidifies its pledge to furnish Malagasy consumers with quality products tailored to their purchasing power.

More than 500 products on Kibo for all budgets

Kibo currently offers 500 Top Budget brand products, divided into three main categories:

  • FMCG products : This category includes a variety of sweet and savory grocery products, such as cookies, confectionery, powdered chocolates, teas, coffees, cakes, jams, aperitifs, condiments, ready-made meals, pasta, as well as a range of beverages such as soft drinks, syrups, dairy drinks, vegetable drinks and fruit juices. There are also hygiene and beauty products, such as shower gel, body cream, soap, shampoo and many others.
  • Fresh & Frozen : Featuring a variety of fresh and frozen items, including cheeses, ice creams, pastries, liquid creams, desserts, fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and more.
  • Bazaar : In this section, you’ll find all the items dedicated to home maintenance, such as laundry and linen care products, dishwashers, floor cloths, air fresheners, insecticides, as well as pet food such as kibbles and treats for dogs and cats.

Top Budget, the great low-price brand, becomes the new flagship brand within Kibo Cash & Carry Madagascar. This meets the growing demand for savings without compromising product quality for Madagascan consumers.

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