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Malagasy consumer trends : Purchasing habits and behaviors

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Malagasy consumer trends : Purchasing habits and behaviors

Madagascar, this vast island with myriad facets, is rich in cultural diversity. Purchasing habits and consumption trends play an essential role in the daily lives of Malagasy people. Amidst fluctuations in purchasing power, the rise of imported products, and sociocultural exchanges, food consumption evolves and subtly reinvents itself. This gradual transformation illustrates how Red Island embraces and redefines its relationship with tradition and new technologies.

Local markets : At the heart of Malagasy consumption

Local markets, affectionately called « Tsena » by locals, hold a central place in the daily life of Malagasy people. Despite the rise of online shopping and malls in Madagascar, these markets retain their traditional allure. They offer an authentic experience with their fresh, locally sourced products, reflecting the island’s cultural richness.

Whether one is a resident or a visitor, these markets provide a wide variety of products, offering a unique sensory experience. They are also significant meeting places for the community, fostering social exchanges.

Secondhand market : Still in vogue

Secondhand goods remain very popular in Madagascar, becoming a vital element of the consumption pattern amid declining purchasing power. This practice, deeply rooted in Malagasy society, offers quality products at affordable prices while extending the lifespan of items.

The market offers various items, including clothing, household appliances, accessories, and toys. This diversity allows everyone to find items that meet their needs and budget.

Connected purchases : New trend in the market

In Madagascar, online shopping is undergoing a revolution. Once limited to orders via Facebook, this trend is evolving rapidly. The internet penetration rate has reached 22.3 % among the island’s 29 million inhabitants, marking a significant turning point.

The advantages of online shopping are numerous :

  • Comfort and Convenience: The ease of purchasing from home, avoiding travel, traffic jams, and queues.
  • Time-saving: The speed to make purchases with just a few clicks.
  • Convenient Delivery: Home delivery or pick-up point options make the process even more convenient.

Currently, more than a dozen websites dedicated to online shopping are emerging. While some are still developing, others are gradually gaining prominence. Among these platforms, we find Kibo, Sanifer, and Zoma Marketplace.

Kibo.mg : Your top destination for daily low-cost shopping

Kibo.mg specializes in online sales of food products, hygiene and beauty items, and household appliances. Since its inception, Kibo has retained its customer base by offering quality products at competitive prices. The platform has become a benchmark for savvy shopping through its regular promotional offers.

Sanifer.mg : E-commerce giant for your construction and renovation projects

Sanifer.mg is a significant player in online sales of DIY products and construction materials in Madagascar. With years of experience and a solid reputation, Sanifer.mg leaves its mark on the Malagasy e-commerce scene.

The Sanifer.mg e-commerce website offers an impressive selection of over 40,000 products to assist customers in realizing their construction and renovation projects. The brands available in stock, such as DEXTER, EGLO, and RAK CERAMICS, are renowned for their high quality and suitable for all budgets.

Zoma.mg : E-commerce site for great deals !

Zoma Marketplace , a Malagasy platform distinguished by the diversity of its categories, offers 20 categories ranging from computing to telephony, refurbished items, childcare, books, TV equipment, sound, and photography.

With prestigious brands such as Asus, Samsung, and Apple, Zoma Marketplace offers over 50,000 products imported from France. This variety allows customers to find items that are sometimes rare in the local market.

The company ensures efficient delivery from its French warehouses to customers’ homes in Antananarivo or the provinces within precise deadlines, offering a seamless and satisfying customer experience.

Zoma Marketplace is the preferred destination for great deals in Madagascar, offering authentic purchases that are compliant with European standards and competitive prices.

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