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Economic growth : Africa ranks 2nd in the world

In 2024, Africa’s economy is projected to experience significant expansion, according to forecasts from the African Development Bank (AfDB). The continent now ranks as the second

Total wealth of Africa : Three countries possess more than 50 %

According to this year’s Africa Wealth Report, published by British investment consulting firm Henley & Partners, only three countries control more than half of Africa’s total

Moody’s downgrades Kenya from B3 to Caa1

Moody’s has downgraded Kenya’s long-term issuer rating in both local and foreign currencies from B3 to Caa1, with a negative outlook. This downgrade signals a reduced

Blocked airline funds : Africa holds the lion’s share

Algeria leads in Africa with 261 million USD in blocked airline funds, followed by XAF zone countries with 140 million USD. Ethiopia follows with 115 million

Air transport : Airbus identifies major underserved routes

The major underserved air routes identified by Airbus are located in the largest cities in Africa, namely Lagos, Cape Town, Nairobi, Dakar, and Douala. Despite significant traffic in Africa,

El Niño crisis : Zimbabwe could face a 2 % economic slowdown

The IMF forecasts Zimbabwe’s economic growth to slow to around 2 % this year, down from 5.3 % in 2023, due to a severe drought caused

Fiscal bill in Kenya : President withdraws finance bill proposal

President Ruto succumbs to popular pressure and decides to withdraw the 2024 finance bill proposal, which contained controversial tax increases. This decision follows violent protests that erupted in

Nigeria economic reforms : 2.25 billion USD World Bank loan

The World Bank has approved a 2.25 billion USD loan to Nigeria to strengthen its revenues and support economic reforms. Of this amount, 1.5 billion USD

Air transport 2024 : African airlines make a comeback

In 2024, flight capacity rose by 6 % in available seats, compared to 15.1 million in May 2023. Overall, the continent’s airlines and major hubs are

Africapitalism : Driver for sustainable and equitable growth

Africa’s growth potential is frequently highlighted in various contexts and international forums. Despite its resilience amid macroeconomic challenges, the continent has yet to achieve sustainability and

Economics of the sports industry : Realities and challenges

Africa is a major source of talent and athletes worldwide. Despite this undeniable potential, the sports industry contributes only marginally to the continent’s gross domestic product

Morocco news : Emerging as an aviation hub in North Africa

Morocco is boldly positioning itself to become a global hub for aircraft manufacturing, capitalizing on its cost-effective workforce and robust industrial partnerships to attract major players.