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Rwanda : Creation of a research center in scientific diplomacy

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Rwanda : Creation of a research center in scientific diplomacy

The Scientific Diplomacy Research Center in Rwanda is revolutionizing the collaboration between scientists, diplomats, and entrepreneurs. Launched in Kigali, this project aims to strengthen technological and scientific innovation in Africa, with an investment of more than 3 million EUR.

Role of the scientific diplomacy center for Rwandan diplomacy

Rwandan diplomacy is being strengthened thanks to the Scientific Diplomacy Research Center, inaugurated in Kigali. This center serves as a bridge between scientists, diplomats, policymakers, and technological entrepreneurs. SciTech DiploHub, in collaboration with the municipal governments of Barcelona and Kigali, as well as the Rwandan government, has launched this platform. The Network of African Scientific Academies (NASAC) and the Association of African Universities also support this project.

This center promotes cooperation between more than thirty Spanish universities, organizations, and research centers that are members of the SciTech DiploHub network. This initiative stimulates innovation and collaborative research, transforming Rwanda into a regional scientific hub.

Strategic investment for Africa

The project benefits from an initial investment of more than 3.23 million USD, thanks to contributions from the founding institutions and funds from the European Commission. This investment, intended to last until 2028, is part of the co-financing system promoted by the African Union – European Innovation Agenda.

This sum will enable the substantial training of more than 2,500 African professionals in scientific and technological diplomacy during the first three years of the center’s activity. This intensive training aims to strengthen local skills and promote effective scientific diplomacy to address current global challenges.

Objectives and impacts on scientific policy

The Rwanda Science Diplomacy Center aims to support the development of new science policy strategies for about twenty national and local governments in the region. This strategic initiative helps policymakers integrate science and technology into their decision-making processes, thus promoting more informed and effective policies.

The training of professionals in scientific diplomacy is crucial in this process. It aims to create a network of specialists capable of promoting and defending the scientific and technological interests of the African continent on the international stage. This leads to better integration of Africa in global discussions on science and technology, thus strengthening its influence and development.

International partnerships and collaborations

The success of the Center for Scientific Diplomacy is based on strong partnerships. SciTech DiploHub collaborates with the municipal governments of Barcelona and Kigali, as well as with the Rwandan government. The Network of African Scientific Academies (NASAC) and the Association of African Universities also provide support, representing more than 30 academies and 400 universities across the continent.

This international collaboration creates a unique synergy, bringing together experts from different fields to work on research and innovation projects. Multinational companies also play a key role, contributing their expertise and resources to support technological development in Africa.

Prospects for scientific diplomacy in Africa

Launching the Scientific Diplomacy Center in Rwanda marks a turning point for Rwandan diplomacy and science in Africa. By training professionals and supporting governments in developing scientific policies, the center is laying the foundations for a promising future for the continent.

Africa, rich in natural resources and human talent, has the potential to become a world leader in science and technology. The Center for Scientific Diplomacy in Kigali represents a significant step towards realizing this vision. Thanks to strategic investments and strengthened international collaboration, Rwanda and Africa can look forward to significant advances in global diplomacy in the coming years.

The Center for Scientific Diplomacy in Rwanda is an ambitious and necessary initiative to strengthen Rwandan diplomacy and promote technological innovation in Africa.

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