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Customs announce auction sale in October

In an unprecedented public auction, the General Directorate of Customs is pleased to announce the sale of several vehicles stored for two months or more in the customs warehouses of Antsiranana. An exclusive opportunity awaits bidders seeking exceptional deals.

Anticipation is reaching a crescendo in Antsiranana as a significant public auction is scheduled to take place from October 9-13, 2023. The customs offices in the region will play host to this distinctive sale, presenting a diverse array of vehicles awaiting new owners.

Following current customs regulations, goods held in customs warehouses for two months or longer are eligible for auction. This initiative aims to optimize warehouse space and prevent the deterioration of goods due to rust and exposure to the elements.

Participation in this sale involves various but accessible procedures. Prospective bidders are required to submit their documents to the relevant customs services and deposit 10 % of the starting bid amount. The starting prices for the vehicles vary from one to 30 million MGA, contingent on the condition and model of the vehicles, as outlined in the published list of goods by the Antsiranana Customs Office.

As is customary in auctions, the crucial words will be « sold to » for the bidder with the highest written bid. However, owners of the goods still have a window of time to clear them through customs before the sale date. Failure to do so will result in these high-quality vehicles going to the highest bidder. This public auction represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for bargain hunters and car enthusiasts alike. Do not miss this extraordinary chance to acquire a quality vehicle at an affordable price. Head to Antsiranana between October 9th and 13th and become a part of this remarkable business event.


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