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British high commission : Launch of women’s forum

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British high commission : Launch of women’s forum

Highlighting women’s skills

The British High Commission (BHC) in Seychelles unveils its inaugural Women’s Forum, marking a significant stride in promoting the growth and empowerment of women in Seychelles.

Led by Andrea Chiappe, the wife of British High Commissioner Jeff Glekin, the forum brings together approximately fifty women from diverse backgrounds, all esteemed leaders in their respective fields. Mrs. Chiappe underscores the forum’s mission to offer a robust women empowerment platform, emphasizing the importance of knowledge exchange, seizing opportunities, and fostering networks.

The debut event features a lineup of esteemed speakers, including Patricia Francourt, Minister of Employment and Social Affairs, who will provide insights on women in the workforce, and Lucie Harter, who will address mental health and self-esteem. Additionally, entrepreneur Marquise Padayachy shares insights on successful branding strategies, while Oushna John Labrosse recounts her inspirational journey to entrepreneurship.

Rebecca Julienne sheds light on the opportunities afforded by the UK government’s Chevening program, offering scholarships for study in UK universities and institutions. While the pilot event was limited to pre-selected participants, Mrs. Chiappe expressed her intention to open future forums to the general public to broaden the initiative’s reach and impact. She discusses potential benefits for women from diverse backgrounds, emphasizing the value of mentoring, coaching, and access to opportunities facilitated by the platform.

During the forum, participants discuss the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) technology for women’s education and employment, deliberating on strategies for its responsible utilization. Themes for forthcoming forums will be tailored to the interests and needs of the participants.

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